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Front End and Full Stack Developer

I can do the lot for you to get your website online. Your domain name will be registered in Australia and your website will be hosted in Australia. You are not connected to some unknown people somewhere overseas. There are some places you definitively do not want to trust with your data.
You do not want to pay exorbitant prices to some company because they look fancy in fancy offices driving fancy cars. There is no law against them charging you 10 times what the job is worth.
It will also be nice to be able to maintain your own site and quite a few of my clients are doing that with some initial training from me.
If you are doing some great work to look after less fortunate people I may even do it all for you at no cost.

Some of my skills which means you get a modern well-constructed online presence:

HTML5 (the code that describes web pages)


CSS3 and WS.CSS (Describes how HTML elements are to be displayed)


JavaScript including W3.JS (most popular programming and scripting language)


WordPress CMS (nearly 30% of websites globally use WP)


Joomla CMS (another popular Content Management System)


jQuery and jQuery Mobile (popular framework for JavaScript)


Bootstrap Studio 4 (for latest web design trends)


Android Studio and Kotlin (to develop Android Apps)


AppML (to connect with databases, objects and files)


NODE.js and PHP (for server-side scripting)

20+ yrs
Web Design Experience
Free jobs for charitable causes
Current Cyber Security certificates
Client Testimonials
Francis Smit

Francis Smit

Executive Officer at Landcare SJ

We are a non for profit environmental organisation and have had two websites developed by Johan. His price has been very competitive, particularly for hosting. Johan has also trained our staff to administer and maintain the websites which has saved us further costs. We have found him to be always available and most helpful with our queries.

Tony Fego

Tony Fego

Previous CEO of Systemairer

Johan operated our website since 1997 until Systemaire was sold in 2008 and the new owners (a large international company) decided to do it in-house. I found Johan to be very innovative with our website.

Wouter Denig

Wouter Denig

Co-owner of Hotham Ridge Winery

Johan has been looking after our websites since 2009. We find him very easy to work with and he keeps our winery and cottages businesses up to date. He has developed accommodation booking and also restaurant menu systems for us.

Some Sites and Apps

Jeanette Dyson Art

RPYC (co-designer)

Shelving King WebApp

Hotham Ridge Winery

Southern Recycling

Free site for Youth Center


Choose a pricing plan that fits your needs.

  • Business

  • 1GB Storage
  • 10GB Bandwith
  • $6 extra for Oz Domains
  • $2 extra for Global Domains
  • 6 eMail Accounts
  • 10

    per month
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  • Premium

  • 1.5GB Storage
  • 15GB Bandwith
  • $6 extra for Oz Domains
  • $2 extra for Global Domains
  • 12 eMail Accounts
  • 15

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